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FunFact: This story came to me while I was massaging a client at work. I thought I felt something touch my foot during session and I nearly screamed. Turns out it was just a piece of the bottom sheet the brushed my foot. This made me have an idea of a massage therapist who communicates with spirits. Crazy how I got the idea from all that but I’m happy with the outcome of this story. There are plans for more Scotlynn adventures in the future.

This snippet is from an Anthology called Be My Everything and my story is called Afterlife.

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Today is snippet #4 of Afterlife.

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Helping clients at the spa jump started my true career. Referrals started coming in from clients I helped. I saved enough money to open a little storefront office I named Afterlife.

Now that you have my beginning, let’s fast forward to the middle of this tale, which happens to be three months ago on February 12, 2039. I’m twenty-eight, short and in good shape with long light-brown hair streaked with gold highlights.

While working, I wear stylish and comfortable clothes, like jeans and cute tops. My favorite running shoes are a must. I never know where my job will take me. The night where it all began, I was working late, filing paperwork I’d put off doing for months, when a client enters the office around 11pm.

This client is why I died. His name? Marshall Kingston. My biggest crush in high school and the last person I thought to come to me…as a spirit.


If you can’t wait till next weeks snippet #5 you can pick up a copy of my story in the links provided below!!  Thank you so much. Till next time!

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Afterlife by Cecilia Corona

Be My Everything_2016_Final

Scotlynn Marjun, a psychic medium, is finally turning her life around when she opens up her shop called Afterlife where she helps clients – both living and dead – find peace, but then a past love shows up to shake things up.

Marshall Kingston is rich, handsome, and a real charmer, but when his stepmother plans his murder, he seeks his ex-girlfriend’s special talents to bring justice to his family. Murder. Mayhem. Ghosts. Valentine’s Day promises to be an adventure of a lifetime.







May all your dreams come true, takes on a whole new meaning when Xiomara finds out she’s an Oracle with Fae witch powers, and her boyfriend is a werewolf from another realm.

When her half-brother shows up on her doorstep with his prophecy, the true nightmare begins. She must stand beside him in the battle of Galant or the evil Queen will destroy the kingdom.

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The Day of the Dead takes on a new meaning, when the dead don’t stay dead. Dr. Valentina Bellmonte, a cancer survivor, is the new coroner at Hope Memorial. Her faith is put to the test when a body arrives at the morgue drained of blood and the man responsible for the crime is sporting fangs. Could vampires be real?

Her good friend, Dr. Xander Carlisle seems to know the truth, but he’s unwilling to confide in her. He has a secret of his own and it’s not just how he feels about her, but something else entirely, something he’s forbidden to reveal. Will their feelings come to light, along with his secret?

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  1. P.T. Wyant says:

    Nice hook at the end.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:


  2. “This client is why I died. ” Bingo! What a line! Excellent word choice, Cecelia. 🙂

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Thanks. I wanted to pull people in.

  3. T. M. Hunter says:

    Sounds like a great plot to a book. Love the conversational narrative. And (what I took as) a twist at the end of the snippet…fun stuff.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Glad you enjoyed Scotlynn. Hope you continue to enjoy following her on this mystery.

  4. Wow, talk about your cliffhangers! Can’t wait to hear about their story. Great snippet!

    1. Cecilia Corona says:


  5. Cool! I’m in love with this character and the story already, the ‘voice’ was wonderful. Great snippet!

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      I really wanted to make sure my readers could enjoy the voice. Thank you for letting me know you did indeed like it. Means a lot.

  6. Siobhan Muir says:

    Oh ho, very interesting beginning, Cecilia. 🙂

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      I have to start with a bang. Lol.

  7. These lines just gave me the chills.

    “This client is why I died. His name? Marshall Kingston. My biggest crush in high school and the last person I thought to come to me…as a spirit.”

    Makes me want to know more like how Scotlynn died, and whey her biggest crush is dead too.
    Great snippet.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      It gets crazy…just wait.

  8. Ed Hoornaert says:

    This snippet certainly raises a lot of questions in my mind. Good job.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Thank you.

  9. emmygatrell says:

    I like the backstory! And I’m so intrigued where this is going!

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Can’t wait to share it with you.

  10. Wow, this is getting good! A crush that last even after dead!

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Oh yes. It’s going to be a bit of a sticky situation for Scotlynn.

  11. Oh that’s a twist! Didn’t see that one coming. Sucks the crush is dead, but this will sure make for a load of interesting. I love this storyline.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Just wait. Thank you for stopping by.

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