Snippet Sunday: Day of the Dead ~ Dia de los Muertos

 Welcome back everyone!

Last we left off with a little flirting going on between Valentina and Xander.


He stared at her for another beat of a heart before he spoke. “I’ll allow you to change the subject for bow, but this conversation about how you feel will come up again, Valy.” And with that, he smiled and turned on his heel.

Valentina couldn’t help but stare at his cute behind as he strode out the doors. She shook her head. What’s was she doing? He was her doctor. Well, used to be her doctor a few months ago. Sure, they were friends now, but still this was so strange. Could he be attracted to her? Is that why he wouldn’t let Hernandez and her set him up with someone else? It would make sense. Right? He couldn’t ask her out while he’d been treating her. It wouldn’t be ethical. 

She needed to track down Hernandez and see what he thought. Those two were inseparable, and …She shook her head. She was going on as if she were in high school. She could hear her conversation now.

“Well, Hernandez, do you think he likes me likes me? Or does he just like me?”

“I don’t know Valentina, he just might like you.”


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