Snippet Sunday ~ Afterlife

Welcome back everyone.

I’m going to jump right into my snippet. Last we left off with Jax being able to see Marshall using a crystal that Scotlynn has and has told both Scotlynn and Marshall what the cops are looking into in Marshall’s accident. Marshall isn’t too happy with how the cops are going about this investigation at this point.


“Marshall, I’m sorry but you need to understand. If we alarm your father then he might tip off your stepmom and Arturo along with her. Trust me, the force has this covered. We are going to nail those tools.” Jax said, pounding his fist into his knee. Valerie and Arturo and their deeds were being looked into, but— “How’s Marshall?” I blurted, not wanting to wait any longer when Jax had the answers.

“Marshall sustained multiple injuries from the car accident,” Jax said and met my gaze. “Marshall and his father could have died. Marshall is in a coma though, and doctors say only time will tell. There is nothing more they can do. Augustine hired a nurse to care for Marshall at home.”

“Marshall could still be in danger, more so since he’s at home. Jax, we have to say something, do something… anything,” I pleaded with him with no luck. Jax wouldn’t budge no matter what I said.


So what is Scotlynn and Marshall going to do? Do you think they will sit back and let the force handle it?

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  1. You can understand both their points. I’m worried about Marshall though.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      They both do have good points.

  2. Ed Hoornaert says:

    Somehow, I don’t think she’s going to let the cops handle this one unaided.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Find out next week. : )

  3. P.T. Wyant says:

    I think maybe the nurse ought to be replaced by a police officer…

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Now that would of been interesting.

  4. Oh-oh, I hope they save him! Good snippet!

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Thanks. All in do time.

  5. Diane Burton says:

    What a dilemma. Somebody’s gotta give. Waiting to see who.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      I can’t wait to share that with you.

  6. Iris says:

    Interesting … the police officer in him, and the sister in her – nice conflict. Well done.

  7. Yes, I feel for all of them in this. Not an easy situation to be in for sure!

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      It is definitely really hard.

  8. Oh this is going to get tricky fast. Those two won’t sit idly by even what Jax says they should I’m sure. I understand both sides, question is, which one is the right one to follow?

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      and if Jax thinks she will sit still, he doesn’t really know her too well. lol

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