Snippet Sunday ~ Afterlife from Be My Everything Valentine’s Day Collection 2016

Happy Snippet Sunday Everyone!!!

So excited to continue where I left off last week and dive more into my story Afterlife. 

So last we left off Scotlynn touched Marshall on the leg and when doing so he was able to feel a solid body and that shouldn’t happen if Marshall is a spirit. Then Scotlynn says you aren’t dead….dun dun dun. So lets see what happened next.


Crystal Ball*****

Marshall isn’t dead, I repeated this in my head and tried to decipher what this meant. When I touched his hand, I had a vision and saw someone wheeling him out on what looked like a hospital bed.

“You’re not dead!” I exclaimed out loud.

“When were you going to tell me you’re pregnant?” Marshall asked me with a look of shock.

How did he know I was pregnant? I didn’t want to tell him. I haven’t told anyone yet. I wanted to make sure this little nugget would stick around before making announcements. Three months along now, and my OBGYN says everything looks good.

“I wasn’t planning on telling Jax ’til Valentine’s Day. How’d ya know anyway?” I asked, leaning back against the couch.


What! She’s pregnant? How did Marshall know that? Guess you will have to wait till next week to find out!

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Afterlife by Cecilia Corona
Scotlynn Marjun, a psychic medium, is finally turning her life around when she opens up her shop called Afterlife where she helps clients – both living and dead – find peace, but then a past love shows up to shake things up. Marshall Kingston is rich, handsome, and a real charmer, but when his stepmother plans his murder, he seeks his ex-girlfriend’s special talents to
bring justice to his family. Murder. Mayhem. Ghosts. Valentine’s Day promises to be an adventure of a lifetime.




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  1. All aspects of this story are so fascinating, love the new developments today! Great snippet…

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Thank you so much. This is one of my favorite stories.

  2. I liked the hints of strange senses in your snippet!

    1. Cecilia Corona says:


  3. Ooh, this is getting twistier and twistier! Love the new developments.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Thanks you, things only get crazier from here.

  4. Going from talking about not being dead and visions, to being pregnant… LOL! Well then, this is an odd conversation. I love how she just takes it in stride, too. Nice snippet. I wanna know more about him not being dead though! And how DID he know she was pregnant?

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      lol. Everything will come to light soon!!!

  5. Very intriguing excerpt.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Thank you.

  6. P.T. Wyant says:

    He’s her ex. She probably wasn’t planning on telling him at all.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Ya that was definitely not on the to do list that morning…or ever.

  7. Oops, that went well… Not exactly the best way to break that sort of news.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Ya that wasn’t the best way at all.

  8. Ed Hoornaert says:

    Well, this thickens the plot like three tablespoons of cornstarch.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Bahahaha yes!

  9. Iris says:

    oh wow …. a few interesting questions here. love it.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Thanks. More answers to come.

  10. Emmy Gatrell says:

    I wonder… great snippet can’t wait for next week.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      AWW!!! Thank you!

  11. Looks like both are full of surprises. Great snippet. 🙂

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Thanks. Yes big surprises.

  12. Gem Sivad says:

    He’s not dead and she’s pregnant. That’s a lot of good news to handle at once. I’m intrigued. 🙂

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Right!? Overload.

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