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Today is Snippet #2 from my new short Afterlife.

This story is in the 2016 Valentine’s Day Collection : Be My Valentine. So excited to have my story in this collection with other amazing authors and their stories. After you check out my snippet check out the link to get all the details on the other stories in the collection and where you can buy it! Enjoy.
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Blurb for Afterlife

Scotlynn Marjun, a psychic medium, is finally turning her life around when she opens up her shop called Afterlife where she helps clients – both living and dead – find peace, but then a past love shows up to shake things up.
Marshall Kingston is rich, handsome, and a real charmer, but when his stepmother plans his murder, he seeks his ex-girlfriend’s special talents to bring justice to his family. Murder. Mayhem. Ghosts. Valentine’s Day promises to be an adventure of a lifetime.
This snippet is the introduction to the story.


Aunt Morgana loved me very much and she did the best she could under the circumstances. Couldn’t have been easy having me dropped off at her doorstep with the expectation she should take over where my parents had left off.

However, Aunt Morgana couldn’t have been a better mom. She stood by my side when I needed her, and she was the first person I told when I communicated with a spirit, or ghost as others have called them. When I shared my experience with my aunt, she smiled at me and said: “Oh sweet Scotlynn, you have the family gift. Your mother had it, and I
have it too.”

I was shocked to say the least. My mom could see spirits? I wonder if she would have shared this with me if she’d lived? I guess I’ll never know, but finding out she shared my talent, made me feel closer to her somehow. Her gift had been past down to me.



 Find out what happens next week for snippet #3 of my paranormal romance Afterlife.

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  1. What a gift that would be. I’m sure there are pros and cons. Wonder if spirits would have boundaries. Wouldn’t want them showing up if I were in the shower. lol
    Interesting backstory for your character.

  2. This rings true for those of us who believe in communicating with spirits, it is very special to feel the traits have been passed down through the bloodlines.

    One (possible) correction, I believe the line “Her gift had been past down to me.” should be PASSED.

    Great snippet.

  3. P.T. Wyant says:

    “My mom could see spirits? I wonder if she would have shared this with me if she’d lived? I guess I’ll never know”… I’m curious as to why she can’t communicate with her mother.

  4. emmygatrell says:

    Great snippet and a lot of background in only a couple of sentences. I feel like I know her already. Well done!

  5. I like the premise to this story, Cecilia. Good start on it! 🙂

  6. Oooh, what a touching snippet. Like a piece of her mom would forever be with her now. Lovely snippet.

  7. Having a family talent is always nice. I wish I had something a bit more magical though.

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