Snippet Sunday ~ Afterlife 2016 Be My Everything Valentine’s Day Collection

Welcome back readers. Excited to share more of my story Afterlife.

Last we left off with Marshall telling Scotlynn the story about how his step mother Valerie and her boyfriend tried to kill his father and succeeded with him. 

Summer portrait of a beautiful woman.


“Hot damn, Marsh, that’s…that’s well it’s just crazy!”

“I know. The worst part is now my dad is still living with her and he has no idea. I’m afraid for his life, Scotlynn. Please tell me you can help.” He clasped his hands in a pleading gesture.

“It seems dangerous…how am I supposed to investigate all this?” I asked, folding my arms over my chest. He gave me a hard glare and floated toward me but I did not waver. No matter how much I wanted to help him, I didn’t want to risk my life. This was murder we were talking about.

“I know you have a boyfriend and I know he’s a detective, so don’t play me,” Marshall said.

“If you won’t do this for me, please do it for my dad.” Marshall floated so close to me his spirit energy made me shiver. Live beings radiated heat; spirits emitted cold.

I looked into those ghostly, pleading eyes of his and – wait a darn tootin’ second. How the hell-on-high-water did he know I was dating Jax? Son of a biscuit-eating bulldog, he’s been stalking me. Calm down, I tell myself. You did break his heart. Maybe he looked you up for closure or something. Don’t jump to conclusions.


Scotlynn has a Detective boyfriend? Hmm. Wonder when we will meet him and how does Marshall know about him?

Tune in next week to find out more. As well don’t forget to stop by every Friday for my Reading Corner, where I talk about books I’ve read and how much I loved them.


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  1. P.T. Wyant says:

    Well, that’s awkward! And how is she supposed to explain it to her boyfriend? “Hey, honey. My ex’s ghost came to tell me he’d been murdered by his stepmother and she’s trying to kill his father too. Could you do something about that, please? Oh, and pick up some milk on the way home.”

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      bahaha exactly!!!

  2. Stalked by a desperate ghost! Really an interesting concept going on here, enjoyed the excerpt!

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Thank you.

  3. nancygoldberglevine says:

    Son of a biscuit eating bulldog. this is a great snippet. I want to know about this detective boyfriend.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Son of a biscuit eating bulldog!!! I love that line so much. We will be seeing him soon.

  4. A biscuit eating bulldog…I like it.

    And I love her reaction when she decides he’s been staking her. Nicely done. 🙂

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      She is a creative speaker lol.

  5. Love her colorful metaphors. lol I can’t wait to hear how he knew she was dating Jax, too.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      We shall see shortly!!! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. It would be hard to get away from a spirit. I can’t wait to see if she helps him.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Everything unfolds soon.

  7. Jeff Tsuruoka says:

    Good snippet. Who doesn’t enjoy a good ghost story? Good ghost stories require a sense of mystery & you’re certainly achieving that! Nice work.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Thank you so much.

  8. A dead stalkerish ex-boyfriend who has been murdered, now that sounds like she is going to have a lot on his plate. I’m wondering if her new boyfriend is aware of her connection with the dead.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      That will be all unfolded soon.

  9. The boyfriend detective will come in handy.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      He definitely does.

  10. This is great! I love the sudden change in tone from wary to indignant. Really looking forward to reading more.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Thank you. It gets better from here.

  11. Ed Hoornaert says:

    “Son of a biscuit-eating bulldog” — how I love that line.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Thank you, I crack up every time I hear it being said.

  12. ROFL! I love her inner thoughts at the end! The wording is priceless in every way possible, especially the bulldog line. Now here’s her real problem: if she agrees to help, how the hell is she spinning this theory and story to the boyfriend without looking crazy?

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      The boyfriend you will find out sooner than later is really open to all this stuff.

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