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Welcome Back Readers!!!

I hope everyone had a spectacular Easter. I’m just so excited to be back to continue sharing snippets of my story Afterlife with you again this Sunday!

News: I’m already starting on new ideas for a second installation of Scotlynn’s story. So keep your eyes peeled for another story in the Afterlife collection! 

Also, I am finishing up a story at the moment about a werewolf and a nymph. One’s a little bit country and the other lets just say he is a mix of Neo from the Matrix and Arthur Bishop from the movie Mechanic. He can totally kick butt when he needs to but he is super smooth and stealthy and you would never know what hit ya till it hits ya. ha!

Now let’s get back to Afterlife. We left off with Snippet 6 and now we are on the 7th installment.

Marshall and Scotlynn we now know used to be an “item”. By item I mean they used to be engaged! Yes engaged! This snippet will continue with why they are no longer an item. Enjoy.

Love Is - Inscription For Wedding
Love is…..


The day came to fly to Europe, and we told each other we’d meet at the airport. I had to work, and he was doing – whatever Marshall does. In the end, I didn’t show. Marshall loved me, yes, but not completely. If he couldn’t love all of me – accept all of me – what was the point? My future involved helping people and spirits, and if I stayed with Marshall, I would never follow my destiny and purchase that storefront.

When I didn’t show at the airport, Marshall found me back at my place. We talked for hours upon hours. Eventually, we came to an understanding and we both parted ways. He loved me enough not to be too angry with me, but he told me he couldn’t be my friend. It would hurt too much. We never saw one another again…until now. It’s been over a year and a half since we broke up with no phone calls, no texts, not even an email. I have to say I’m curious to why he sought me out upon his death.


Are you just as curious as Scotlynn? Don’t worry, next week will be the big reveal!!

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Afterlife by Cecilia Corona

Scotlynn Marjun, a psychic medium, is finally turning her life around when she opens up her shop called Afterlife where she helps clients – both living and dead – find peace, but then a past love shows up to shake things up.
Marshall Kingston is rich, handsome, and a real charmer, but when his stepmother plans his murder, he seeks his ex-girlfriend’s special talents to bring justice to his family. Murder. Mayhem. Ghosts. Valentine’s Day promises to be an adventure of a lifetime.


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  1. That’s some intense history! I’m really enjoying the premise of this story, and your characters are great too. Great snippet!

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Thank you so much.

  2. P.T. Wyant says:

    Interesting twist on the breakup. I wonder why she felt she couldn’t continue her work while married to him? He already apparently knew about it and wanted to marry her anyhow.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      It was more of he went along with it but never truly believed her until now.

  3. T. M. Hunter says:

    Too bad they couldn’t have parted on a bit more amicable terms…good snippet.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Thank you.

  4. Yes, why did he seek her out after his death? Of course I know, but it’s so much fun to read this again through your snippets.

    And I can’t wait to read your new story.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      I can’t wait to share new stuff.

  5. Ed Hoornaert says:

    Perhaps she’s on his bucket list?

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      hmmm….interesting thought.

  6. Leaving him to go at the airport alone, that’s a bit harsh. At least they could have unplanned the trip or break up after it.

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      lol…if life were only that simple right?

  7. Sounds like Marshall might be realizing what he let go and that perhaps he shouldn’t have ever not liked her talent. I wonder why he’s seeking her out too…

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Just you wait. Things are starting to heat up.

  8. emmygatrell says:

    Oh, that last line made me sad. I wasn’t expecting him to be dead. Great snippet!

    1. Cecilia Corona says:

      Thank you.

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