Reading Corner Friday ~ Soul Taker by Karen Michelle Nutt

Welcome back! So happy to have you here today. I’m sharing a story with you that has romance and some very bad ass supernatural characters.

Soul Taker by Karen Michelle Nutt follows a Werewolf , Vampire and a Necromancer who have to battle an evil Soul Taker who has been going all over stealing the souls of people and sending them to the highest bidder.

This story from start to finish leaves you with the feeling like you have someone watching you from afar, but then you’re hoping that person watching you from afar is maybe a hot guy and you might have a hot night. lol.  It’s creepy and intense at moments then all of the sudden it gets hot between two of the main characters.

I loved all the back stories each character had. It really made you feel for these characters. You won’t want to put this book down for a second.

An exciting, contemporary paranormal story of good versus evil from award-winning, bestselling author Karen Michelle Nutt. Karen Michelle Nutt Website


No soul is safe…
A vampire from the Grim Sith sept is sucking the souls out of young women from the Boston area, but this sinister crime is far worse than a vampire seeking substance. He’s selling the souls to the highest bidder and it seems business is booming.

A vampire, a werewolf, and a Necromancer are a most unlikely team, but Garran, Harrison, and Isabella plan on putting a kink in the dubbed Soul Taker’s plans. It’s personal now. One of their friends has fallen victim to the Soul Taker’s charms, but to stop him from hurting anyone else, their efforts may involve raising the dead.


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