Reading Corner Friday ~ City of Ashes Book #2 of The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

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I’m super excited to be back and sharing my thoughts on the book City of Ashes. This book is second in The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare. Now if you still need to read the first book please don’t read any further. Spoilers will occur.

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Now back to book 2, City of Ashes. Cassandra Clare is an amazing writer. The characters she created for this series grow and flourish throughout the series so much. In book 2 we are battling this gross fear that Jace and Clary might just in fact be siblings.


Now I have to spoil this for you, I just do. So please don’t be upset. They aren’t brother and sister. Hip Hip Hooray!!! The reason I spoil this for you is because the few people I’ve met who started the series stopped the instant they thought their was a slight chance they were siblings.

Not going to lie I almost did too, but my amazing little sister spoiled it for me so I could continue on! Lol.

This book you really get to see more of Valentine and who is he. You almost feel bad for him but then you don’t because he is a crazy twisted man. Jace you feel for more because he is the wounded bird but he wants to be bad ass. He is told his whole child hood being raised with Valentine that he can’t trust, he shouldn’t hold compassion. It just sucks all around. Jace this whole book is fighting with himself internally. He wants to be good but he feels that he should be bad because of who raise him.

Clary and Simon, shoot the whole gang are on this mission to get through to Jace. We meet knew amazing characters and Simon has a big turning point in this book and holy Toledo Batman shiz gets real.

Now go pick up this book!

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